Las Tormentas

Así se ven a la lejanía, destructivas e inevitables pero en el ojo de la tormenta, reina la calma.

Así veo mis experiencias, viajando entre tormentas, de ojo en ojo buscando la calma.

Hace días estuve en el centro de la tormenta que es ella, y la extraño.

[:End of Transmission:]


Love Incinerate – Puissance

Some people look at earth as a place of injustice. Some people look at earth as a prosperous and beautiful place. I, on other hand choose not to look, for I despise it all far too much.

My wish is to put a stop to all earthly life and one day I will. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day the earth will burn and all living flesh will perish in the luscious flames of Armageddon.

Other than for amusement I have no real interest in petty wars or genocide. What I desire is a complete holocaust – a day on which everything ends and emptiness and inner peace finally begin. I say the earth must be destroyed and the earth will be destroyed for there is no possible way that we can survive our own human desire to evolve. To disarm our minds and to destroy our planet. My dream is what you all unknowingly strive for all that is self-annihilation.″


Simplemente maravilloso.



El mundo se viene abajo (sin albur).